The cologne artist collective around producer and songwriter Cy Alamouti is starting with his second album. With fresh artists from the pop and electronic scene, who worked together with CHOUCO on a new album, a modern style has been developed. A mix of sensual and inspirational, cool, relaxed and vibrant. Sometimes sentimental then groovy again, electronically. This sounds like the new sound from the music metropolis Cologne.

The debut single „Closest“ features vocal maestro Sir Pryce and was released in december by the house cult label: Clubstar Records (in love with house music since 1998 The original mix of ‘Closest’ is a hypnotic downtempo tune with slow grooves and a smooth R&B influenced Synth Line. The remixes take you directly to the dance floor. The UK House legends: Full Intention (Michael Grey “The Weeknd“ and Jon Pearn) delivered three great mixes of “Closest”. Full Intention are a Grammy nominated master production and remix duo. Together as Full Intention, they have been a pioneering force on the global house scene for over 15 years, and remain the undisputed masters of the remix. Also the international well known Scott Diaz (UK) and Harley&Muscle (Spain) did a great job here. In stores:


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